Pest Control Pros in Arthur IL

We’ve seen a lot of changes in the pest control industry in over 60 years of service to the Central Illinois area! Who could’ve guessed in 1950 what a computer was or a hybrid vehicle for that matter? One thing that hasn’t changed in that length of time is our philosophy of how to treat people. Our 4th generation family member is working hard today, to promote that philosophy. We have always provided a quality service, at a reasonable price, with customer satisfaction our #1 goal!   

Technicians Who Care

Our technicians are always willing to go above and beyond the line of duty in “helping” people. One day in 2007 two of our employees, Zeb and Tyler, stopped by a customer’s house on a scheduled Sentricon monitoring route. This customer happened to be an Amish family. The adults were away for the day when one of the children came running up with 2 horses. She was frantic in asking our employees to help them put the horses away and go down the road and help her friend who had fallen off one of the horses. They immediately dropped what they were doing and proceeded to help the girl put the horses away and went to check on the boy. When they pulled up to him, he was up walking toward the house with a severe head injury. They immediately put him in the seat of the truck and drove to a nearby house where his mother was. Since the Amish don’t drive vehicles, Zeb and Tyler turned toward Decatur and drove the young boy to the hospital. Over a 30-minute drive away, they finally arrived at the emergency room. The young boy stayed several days in the hospital to recover from his severe head injury. Zeb and Tyler went back to work and completed a day of monitoring Sentricon stations, as if nothing spectacular had happened that day. We have great technicians who take pride in their work and value our customers’ homes and lives immensely. 



IDPH business license number: 051–023075